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These days, there are various ways to achieve larger breasts. One way, perhaps the most common method, is breast augmentation surgery which involves adding implants. The breast enhancement results may vary, as implants can have problems and there are always risks with surgery. The good news for women who want larger breasts without surgery is that there are herbal products made to provide the same result, only without unnatural implants.

One product that can give breast enhancement results is Breast Actives. This formula comes with nutritional supplements that are taken twice daily, and a topical cream that is massaged into the breasts each morning. For some women it is hard to believe an herbal supplement and a cream can lead to breast enhancement results, but it is true. The carefully selected herbs are renowned for their beneficial effects on feminine health and breast size.

Breast Actives supplement capsules contain fennel and fenugreek, both rich sources of phytoestrogens that encourage production and growth of natural breast tissue. Other ingredients in these capsules include dandelion, dong quai and vitamin E just to name a few. The cream has red clover, saw palmetto, septiliftiii and other nourishing, bust enlarging ingredients. It sounds too simple to be true, but these herbs do indeed contribute to the growth of larger breasts.

Women who have tried Breast Actives have reported favorable breast enhancement results after only a few months of use. You may find your tops fit more tightly around your breasts, and you might even need to go up in bra cup size. Theres no dangerous or costly surgery, and this product is safe and well tolerated for most. However just to be safe consult your physician if you have any medical conditions or take regular medications. Interesting fact is that there is a way to get a free bottle of Breast Actives on survey sites for doing really simple tasks like paid surveys.


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